Applications and Best Practices on Cloud,

Containers and K8s

  • Role of Java in evolution of managed services (services on the cloud)

  • Optimizing JVM apps to run on containers and K8s

  • Making Java applications run effectively on containers and K8s

  • IoT workloads/applications on K8s

  • Lessons learned from containerized apps on K8s

  • Containerized databases

  • Getting-started with Java applications on cloud, containers and K8s

  • How does AI/ML fit in your K8s workloads?



Frameworks and Tools on

Cloud, Containers and K8s

  • Native Java

  • Reactive programming, Serverless and FaaS

  • Demos with live coding for on-premise and remote/cloud deployments

  • Programming Java frameworks for cloud, containers and K8s, e.g. Jakarta EE, Spring Boot, MicroProfile, Quarkus, Micronaut, GraalVM for Java, etc.

  • Writing K8s operators in Java

  • Tools for observability, profiling, debugging, and IDEs for Java on containers, K8s and cloud

  • Tools that help you develop for cloud, containers and K8s, e.g. skaffold, jib, helm, podman, buildah, kail, stern, etc.

  • Developing build pipelines, how do I take an app and build it through a pipeline, e.g. DevOps