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  Patrick Baudry  

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Patrick Baudry is a former fighter pilot in the French Air Force. He was also a Test Pilot in charge of Mirage 2000 prototype. He was a Cosmonaut with the Soviets in 1982 to fly on Soyuz-Saliout spacecrafts and he flew on the American space shuttle Discovery in 1985, taking with him the only bottle of wine which made a trip into Space…

He is mainly a flyer, qualified on more than 350 different helicopters, aircraft and spacecraft, logging over 15000 flight hours. He became the chief test pilot for Airbus, competing against Boeing, and they won the market ! He has developed all the models since the A318 to the A380 and presented them in all airshows around the World in Le Bourget, Franborough, Dubaï, Jukowski etc…


He is a fervent defender of Europe, and he invested himself in the development of the European Space Shuttle project Hermes and would have been the chief Test Pilot in charge of this space ship.

Strongly involved in many projects for children education he created several schools as ACADIS and the first European Space Camp, and he is now a Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO. He developed and sustains many educational achievements in Africa. Born in Cameroon, he is the first african astronaut…

Seeing our own planet from Space changes our way of living and considering human beings. He considers today that the most important thing is not the Planet we are leaving to our children, but the children we are leaving to our Planet.

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