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  Meet JAK  


Distinctive, oddly proportioned birds, with a small head and long needle-like bill, with blue cheeks, Blue Cheeks Jacamars capture prey by flycatching.  JAK is a special Blue Cheek Jacamar! He incarnates the lightweight and nimbleness of modern Java workloads that run on the cloud. If you want your applications to run on the cloud and Kubernetes, let them be more like JAK!





Meet JAK's Designer

JAK was designed by 13 year old Gigi, from Florida, USA. Gigi is a compassionate young lady, a champion for animals, who loves nature and all its beings. She is an 8th grade honors student and wants to become a veterinarian, living her life as an animal advocate around the world. When she is not studying, Gigi spends her time playing in her garden, doodling and creating characters with great destinies. JAK was borne of Gigi’s imagination and kind heart.

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